The radiological team

Dr. Nathalie Khaw, FMH Radiology Specialist

Former senior resident in the Neuroradiology department of Geneva University Hospitals

Co-founder and partner of IICC

In private practice since 2001, after having worked for one year in Sion at Dr Fournier’s Institute of Radiology, then for 2 years at the Institute of Radiology of the Clinique La Colline, she joined CDRC in 2003 where she practiced as a radiologist and neuroradiologist until November 2017.


Spoken languages : French, English and Greek

Dr. Laurent Huwart, MD, PhD, FMH Radiology Specialist

Founder and partner of IICC

Clinical course:

  • Former radiology intern of Paris University Hospitals
  • Former senior resident in the Paris University Hospitals (department of musculoskeletal radiology, Lariboisière Hospital). He then subspecialized in musculoskeletal and spine interventional radiology.

In parallel with his clinical cursus, Dr. Huwart completed a scientific cursus, obtaining a doctorate in sciences on the topic of assessment of liver fibrosis using magnetic resonance elastography.
He is the author of several publications in international peer-reviewed medical journals (referenced on PubMed) on the topics of magnetic resonance elastography and percutaneous techniques of musculoskeletal and spine interventional radiology.

In private practice in Geneva since 2013, he worked during one year at CIRD/CIRG, then at CRDC from 2014 to end of 2017.


Spoken languages : French and English

Dr. Georges Georgakopoulos

Former senior resident in Geneva University Hospitals
Partner of IICC


In private practice since 2000, he joined CDRC radiology centre in 2001 where he practiced as a radiologist and medical director until August 2017.


Spoken languages : French, English, German and Greek