Digital mammography



Breast examination is carried out using a special X-Ray device (senographe) which can spot cancers at a very early stage.


The examination process


The breast is placed on the X-ray machine and gently but firmly compressed with a clear plate. The compression only lasts for a few seconds and is necessary to flatten the breast, reducing  its density and improving its analysis.

Two X-rays of each breast are taken at different angles.

If necessary, the radiologist might ask for additional X-rays.

If your breasts are dense (rich in glandular tissue), the mammography will have to be completed by a breast ultrasound which will be preformed by the radiologist.


Preparing for a mammography


Your appointment should be scheduled during the first 10 days of your cycle for several reasons :

  • The breast is less dense and its analysis is therefore easier
  • Breast compression is better tolerated
  • You are certainly not pregnant


If you had previous mammographs, please bring them with you.